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Build smarter, not harder


Action-based guidance and personalized AI feedback to help startup founders grow from idea to first customer

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Analyzed to identify the core questions you need to answer

Interviewed to identify key challenges and help you dodge them

Concept to customer

Step-by-step guidance centered on your customer’s needs, with actionable tasks to build a product your customer wants

Stay on Track

background style image of a curvy white path
image of our level page, showing the first 3 levels: explore, research, and refine

Our AI breaks down where your time is being spent to help you stay focused on what matters most

Feedback at your fingertips

image of our Checklist area, that has time management and checklist tool

What are you waiting for?

What our users are saying

AI Feedback

Instant feedback for each step you take so you can move faster with confidence

AI Copilot

Personalized advice for your day-to-day challenges to keep you from getting stuck

testimonie headshot of Torus

FounderWay removes the friction around learning how to build a startup”

Torus Washington,

Uni. San Deigo PhD Candidate

testimonie headshot of Cam

“FounderWay helped me expose blind spots I had and prepared me for investor questions”

Cam Richardson,

Founder at PaySquad

noah stamboovsky headshot.jpg

Their AI Copilot is better than ChatGPT with startup advice, out of the box it’s miles ahead.

Noah Stambovsky, Growth Implementation Manager at Modern Driven Media

Tools, Tips, and Funding Round up

Not ready to join, but you want to stay on top of the best tools and tips for startups, and our monthly funding opportunity round-up?

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