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Empowering Professors and Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Our platform utilizes AI to provide each student with personalized feedback, acting as another resource for you in the classroom.

Lean on FounderWay to Leverage Your Time

Trained on data from 1500 founders

Expand your industry expertise

Instant integration in the classroom

Track your students progress

Foster Collaboration

Use the teams feature to allow multiple students to work on the same idea at the same time

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Keep Students Engaged

Fuel student momentum with our personalized feedback and guidance towards next steps

Take Advantage of AI

Our AI copilot helps students when they encounter roadblocks, ending the frustration that comes with entrepreneurship 

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Built with a Customer-Centric Design Curriculum

Let us be your rocket fuel to make sure your curriculum stays at the pace of entrepreneurship



Work on the problem you're aiming to solve, identify your target audience, and determine which market your initial customers belong to



Engaging with your customers through interviews and surveys, This hands-on approach will provide invaluable insights that will help validate your research and assumptions



Build your Minimum Viable Product, keeping the customer as your north star. Work on building your brand strategy, messaging, and partnerships



Build your go-to-market plan, test your product, and prepare for your first customers. Learn how to iterate and move with your market to stay ahead

Used by some of the best in entrepreneurship education


Got 60 seconds? See how it works

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Multi company mode
AI Copilot
Step by step guidance
Smart checklist
Teams feature



Track student progress by stage
Access to student level data
Export data
Build cohorts to track
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