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August Update: Last guidance level released and update to UI

Launch your startup with level 4!

This month marked a bunch of changes for us, but the one we are happiest about is finishing up our step-by-step guidance. We now have all four levels released, to help you and other founders with stepping through; Research, Validation, Refining, and now Launching your startup!

You can find the Level 4: Launch, in the Journey page with the rest of our guidance levels.

The focus as you probably guessed, is to help you build and launch your MVP so you can get your first customer.

On another note, you might notice that our navigation UI has changed, with the addition of a left hand navigation pane for desktop, and short cut keys in a bottom navigation stripe for mobile users. We hope this makes navigation easier on whatever device you are on.

Other updates and bug fixes


  • We had to remove the Time Breakdown tool due to OpenAI changes breaking the tool. We will revisit and update our prompts to make the tool more consistent and stable

  • All AI Chat areas have been updated to AI Copilot for consistency

  • Decreased end-of-level congrats picture for better layout and experience on smaller screens

  • Table of Contents now only shows the intro levels to help with navigation within the level. The feedback we got said that showing all the questions made it harder to navigate. Since each level only has a handful of questions this is our best fix until we can do a larger refresh. You can always use the level one-pager to see a summary of your answers for each question.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed UI bug with header and left-hand navigation pan

  • Fixed scrolling bug with header that popped up with the new navigation UI update

  • Fixed broken links that were missed during the rebrand

Funding opportunities & more

  • FounderWay is hosting general startup office hours every Sunday at 7:30 pm EDT. Join our FounderClinic sessions through our Linkedin Events

  • Applications are open and rolling for the Forum Ventures B2B SaaS Accelerator, a high-touch program for early-stage founders designed to get you to the next stage. Learn more and apply here.

  • Applications are open for the Gener8tor Accelerator, a nationally ranked accelerator that invests in high-growth startups. Gener8tor supports the growth of startups through its network of experienced mentors, technologists, corporate partners, angel investors and venture capitalists. Learn more and apply here.

  • Techstars presents, Untold Stories: Founder Failures Setbacks shape entrepreneurial journeys. Come and discover how remarkable entrepreneurs transformed their mistakes into invaluable lessons, and embraced them as catalysts for growth. Wednesday, September 6th RSVP here

  • Applications for the next Graham & Walker Catalyst are now OPEN! G&W's Catalyst is a two-week fundraising readiness program that is free, industry agnostic, and designed to support early-stage companies led by women and nonbinary founders. Learn more and apply here by September 7th.

  • Applications for Harlem Capital's second cohort are live! The Founder Launchpad program will equip operators interested in becoming founders with the community and knowledge required to launch companies that change the face of entrepreneurship. Learn more and apply here by September 7th.

  • Applications are open for Lair East Labs accelerator, a four month program with an investment of up to $150,000, mentorship, network, and workspace for promising startups. Learn more and apply here by September 13th.

  • Legal Office hours on September 14th, hosted by Founders Live and ScaleUp legal. Learn more and RSVP here.

  • Techstars Virtual Meet and Greet. Learn more about our Techstars Mentorship-Driven Accelerators and find out if we are a good fit to help you scale your startup. September 26 RSVP here

  • Techstars presents The Power of a Great Financial Model. ​Learn how a great financial model can help you raise capital, hit growth targets, and avoid running out of cash. September 27 RSVP here

  • Applications are now open for Cohort V of the Hive Founders Investment Readiness Accelerator! Learn more and apply hereby October 2nd.

  • Applications are now open for The Women Entrepreneurs Boot Camp with Amex Ventures & Project W! Learn more and apply here by October 23rd.

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