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FounderWay Sales Playbook Framework

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

As a venture, your end goal is to find a repeatable strategy for finding new prospects and converting them into customers. This repeatable strategy is called a Sales Playbook. So what is your Sales Playbook and how are you creating it?

Sales Playbook Framework

The FounderWay Sales Playbook framework helps you track your marketing and sales experiments to make sure you have all of your data in one place for analysis.

Let’s start with going over the flow of how we recommend using this framework. Your Problem, Solution, and Bridges should be top of mind as you go through your customer information. Try to see if there are deeper connections you can find. After going through that exercise, analyze your marketing and sales activities. Try to keep notes to help you relate your activities to your revenue and other critical KPIs. Your critical KPIs are the metrics that show meaningful growth and can help you predict future growth.

After analyzing these areas of your business, try to find the trends, themes, and activities that lead to increasing your critical KPIs and try to understand why they increase your critical KPIs. The Growth State Machine Framework is a good place way to keep track of your experiments and activities and to help see which activities are key to growing your sales. Summarize these key activities into a process that can be rolled out repeatedly. Record this process in the Sales Playbook section and continue to refine it until there are no questions left on how and why it works.

“Micromanage the process, not the people.” ― Joe Apfelbaum

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