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Easiest way to use AI for your business

AI is taking the world by storm with its "unlimited power", so do you know how to harness the power of AI for your business?

If you say no, you're not the only one.

Blank box paralysis

In fact, a ton of business owners that we talk to say that they have ideas, but when they see the empty "message ai..." box, they freeze up and don't know what to type in or how to type their question or command to AI chatbots.

We call it blank box paralysis, the feeling of being overwhelmed by the options at your fingertips.

Your mind gets flooded with all the different questions you could ask, but then you blank out and have no idea what to ask or how to ask your question.

We solved that with our new AI Update!

Get business help with AI in 2 clicks.

We create dozens of pre-made question prompts that target key areas of your business, like marketing, pricing, product development, and funding.

All of them are categorized by topic and then curated based on your business's situation.

And just like our previous AI copilot, all of your company information is pulled in automatically, so you are getting personalized responses from your AI copilot in just 2 clicks.

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