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June Monthly Update and Funding Opportunities

AI Time Analyzer and Updated Explore Level

AI Time Analyzer

The AI Dashboard is replacing the AI Assistant page. Our goal is to have a central place for you as a founder to take advantage of AI for your business needs. To kick things off, the first tool that we are adding to the AI Dashboard alongside the multi-persona AI Chatbot is an AI Time Breakdown.

The Time Breakdown uses AI to look at your tasks or goals on your checklist to give you a breakdown of where you are spending your time. There are two breakdowns, one for your completed and another for your pending tasks and goals. The breakdown works by using AI to estimate the amount of time needed to complete a task, and providing a breakdown of how much time is being spent in the 5 key areas of Research, Admin, Sales, Marketing, and Product Development. Time management is critical to a startup's success, but it can be difficult to get it right while managing all aspects of a business and shifting priorities based on the stage of your business. We hope this tool and our article on where to spend your time based on the stage of your company give your time management skills a bionic boost to get ahead.

Updated Explorer Level

Based on user feedback, our journey levels took too long to get to the important info and it was a bit sterile, making it feel like a really long incubator application more so than a learning area. So we gave Explore, the first level of the journey, an update to its UI, UX, and reduced the number of questions to focus on the important questions. We hope this streamlines the level so that you are getting to the questions that an investor or mentor would ask immediately, and give you guidance in the long response questions so you aren't bouncing around between pages. Let us know how you like the new UI and UX!

We will be rolling out this update to the Research Level next, and then adding the rest of the curriculum with these updates in mind.

Funding opportunities & more

  • Lighthouse Labs is a nationally recognized accelerator based in Richmond, VA looking for high-tech, high-growth, early-stage, post-MVP companies raising a pre-seed or seed investment rounds. Learn more and apply here by June 5th.

  • Join Techstars for an exclusive 3-part Fundraising Series, designed to give you the knowledge and tools you need to successfully raise capital for your early-stage startup. Led by industry experts, this series will provide you with insider tips on how to prepare for your next investor meeting, from crafting the perfect pitch to what to include in your investor pitch deck. The first session is on June 6th at 2pm MT - learn more and register here.

  • Applications are open for Pitch HearstLabU, a startup pitch competition exclusively for university-enrolled & recently-graduated women. The winner of Pitch HearstLabU will become an automatic finalist in our $100K pitch event in the fall. Learn more and apply here by June 17th.

  • 43North is a startup accelerator sponsored by Empire State Development that invests $5M annually into seed-stage startups. Their 2023 application is now open - learn more and apply here by June 23rd.

Bug fixes and updates this month

  • Added a new name brainstorming AI persona to AI Chatbot D-GPT

  • Added more user and company context to AI Chatbot D-GPT so it can give better and personalized recommendations and answers

  • Focus was on updates and the ai dashboard release, no new bug fixes.

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