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Multi Company Feature!

Startup founders are some of the most creative, innovative, and most of all, busy people. One of the best features of FounderWay is the ability to create separate pages for every idea you have. Regardless if you are flushing out a new concept or are ready to launch your product, FounderWay is there for every new idea.

The benefits of creating a new page for each idea are twofold. Firstly, FounderWay helps entrepreneurs stay organized, separating their different businesses while keeping everything together in one place. Most importantly, the multi-company feature allows founders to train each AI copilot to their specific industry and idea.

To add another idea to your FounderWay account, follow the simple steps below.

Step 1: Go to and sign in to your account.

Step 2: Click on your company name in the top left corner. From the drop down bar, select "add."

Step 3: Answer the onboarding questions about your company, and you are ready to work!

Not only is this feature an asset to founders, but to their investors and mentors as well. Founders are able to individually invite their team members to each company, depending on who is working on what project. This separation helps streamline the mentorship process and gives contributors insight into your startup idea.

We hope you take advantage of this feature and continue building. Good luck founders!

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