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New Features! Startup Course and Expert Access

Really excited to announce our new features that complete the base version of Dium! We officially have the basics that any paid/application-based incubator has. Letting us provide step-by-step guidance, set goals for you based on your progress, and direct access to an expert to help with your more complex questions.

Also like any other incubator or accelerator, the more you work with us and use Dium, the more we understand your business. The better we know you and your business, the easier it is for us to match and intro you to investors with that we partner,

Step-by-Step Startup Course

We now have the first level of our step-by-step startup course, that connects with our smart checklist to give you best practice tasks depending on where you are in your startup journey.

The best part is that it is based on questions that you will need to impress any investor or advisor you want to bring in. Our goal was to not make this feel like homework that you have to do alongside all the work you are putting into your startup. Instead, we want each level to feel like you are answering the next organic question you or anyone else would have about your startup.

You can give our first level a try here:

Expert Access

We know there are some things that can get complicated and sometimes all you need is to talk or email someone for help, preferably a startup expert. To provide this service we are launching an email tier, and email and meeting support tier subscription. You can find pricing info here.

For the email tier, you will have 24/7 access to a startup expert for any questions you might have, to get feedback on your designs, or to get recommendations on the best next steps for your startup.

For the email and meeting tier, you get 24/7 email access and also a 1hr meeting each month with an expert. The idea behind this is to give you access to a startup expert as a mentor to give you a more personal experience, get more in-depth support, and use each monthly meeting to stay accountable to the goals you set each month.

You can get access to a startup expert here after you sign up for a subscription:


Today we took a huge leap forward on our mission to provide quality guidance to any entrepreneur and founder, no matter where they are, no matter who they are, and no matter what their situation is. Everyone deserves easy access to guidance, support, and mentors.

Thank you in advance if you sign up, and we really appreciate any feedback you have so that we can continue to make the platform better for you and the other founders on Dium.

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Dium's self-guided curriculum and smart checklist tell you what to do next to save you time and money from mistakes.

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