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How to Connect on FounderWay

With the release of our new Connection feature and the support side of our platform, we wanted to put out a guide on how to connect with your support network and how a support person creates their connection code to give out to their founders.

Check out how connecting on FounderWay supercharges your support network to help you take your business to the next level faster in our last update here.

How to Connect (Founder Side)

As a founder, the only thing you need is a connection code from your mentor, advisor, or incubator, which you use in the new connection page in your company area.

At the bottom of your company area, you will see the "Connections" button.

Then click the add connection button, and enter the connection code you have.

Just like that, your support network will get access to your general progress info

How to Connect (Support Side)

1. The first thing you have to do to get supercharged is to create an account and select your role "Support Startups"

2. When you get to your dashboard, click on "connection codes" either in the dropdown menu (mobile), the left side navigation pane (desktop), or in your company area which can be reached by clicking on "company" in the profile menu dropdown

3. Now click the "+ Add Code" button, enter the code you would like to use, and click "Add Code" in the module

All you have to do now is to share it with your Founders so they can add you to their connections.

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